Alpha Xi Delta

Omega at Stetson University

Chapter Officers

Bella Tieche

Chapter President

Hi!!! My name is Bella and Im the president of our chapter! I have a major in Health Sciences with a minor in Chemistry and Im on the PreMed track! Im from Florida and I played golf for 10 years and still love to play for fun! I love Alpha Xi Delta and will do anything to make it the best it can be and reach its highest potential! TFJ!! Fun facts: I LOVE diet coke, my dog, and pickle chips!!

Vanessa Duffy

Chapter Life Vice President

Hello! My name is Vanessa Duffy and I am the Chapter Life Vice President for our chapter! I have a major in Management with a minor in Human Resources! Im from Illinois and I live on a cornfield! I have played volleyball for over 8 years and Im currently on the Club Team! I love this position because I get to plan so many events for our sisters and create a fun environment for all of us! Fun Facts: I love diet coke, reading, and pickles!

Jordan Calderara

Philanthropy Vice President

Hi! My name is Jordan and I am the Philanthropy Vice President for our chapter! This is my second year in this position because I am so passionate about philanthropy and helping all of the children we support! I have a major in Biology with a minor in Chemistry! I am on the PreVet track and hope to be a Vet one day! Im from Alaska and I used to play Ice Hockey but no I did not live in an igloo unfortunately. Fun Facts: I will drive an hour just for Cold Stone Ice cream

Jadyn Prinz

Finance and Operations Vice President

Hi! My names Jadyn and I am the Finance and Operations Vice President. I am double majoring in Investment Finance and Marketing! I am apart of the Roland George Investment Program which manages a portfolio worth over $6 million of stocks and bonds! I hope to continue my studies to obtain my masters and get an internship in either New York City or Miami! I love my position because I get to further enhance my passion for finance while being able to help sisters and the chapter grow! Fun Facts: I was on Disney Channel when I was younger and I am traveling to Austria this summer!

Faith Snyder

Communications Vice President

The Communications Vice President (CVP) effectively implements the external relations program and supervises all officers on her team involved with internal and external chapter relations. The CVP conceptualizes and implements the chapter’s public relations and marketing plans. She assures that the chapter is producing communications collateral that is consistent with Alpha Xi Delta branding and represents the chapter in a positive light. She works with the Communications team on management of social media, merchandise, newsletters and more. She also oversees the chapter’s outreach efforts to the campus, parents and alumnae.

Elizabeth Myatt

Membership Vice President

Hi! My name is Lizzy and I am the Membership Vice President of our chapter! I am majoring in Elementary Education and hope to be a teacher once I graduate! Im from Florida and I used to do cheer in High school. I love my position because I want to help girls find a home and sisters that will be there for the rest of their lives! Fun Facts: I have a bunny!

Cheyenne Paquette

Member Development Vice President

The Member Development Vice President (MDVP) inspires individual chapter members to learn and live the values of Alpha Xi Delta. The purpose of the member development program is to broaden the education of chapter members and foster individual development so that each member can attain her highest potential. The MDVP focuses on new member education, ritual appreciation, academics and the overall Member Development education plan. She uses a holistic approach to personal development while supporting Directors in program development.

Alexandra Skoulikaris

Panhellenic Delegate

The Panhellenic Delegate serves as a representative of the chapter in the Campus Panhellenic community and exercises the chapter’s vote in all Panhellenic Council matters. She attends all Panhellenic meetings and keeps the Executive Committee and chapter members well informed on the happenings in the Panhellenic community. She encourages Panhellenic unity and cooperation through collaboration with other chapters.