Alpha Xi Delta

Omega at Stetson University

Chapter Officers

Bella Tieche

Chapter President

The Chapter President instills loyalty, pride, affection, and unity within the organization. She oversees the overall health of the chapter and leads the chapter towards continued success through assessing needs and setting goals. The Chapter President leads the Executive Team and provides support with key programming initiatives. She serves as the key spokesperson for the chapter in regards to official statements as well as official business. She also serves as a liaison between Fraternity Headquarters, the Panhellenic Council, and Stetson University.

Vanessa Duffy

Chapter Life Vice President

The Chapter Life Vice President (CLVP) effectively implements the risk management program, leads all officers on her team involved with internal chapter operations, and assists the Chapter President, substituting for her as necessary. She understands all duties of the president's office. She also oversees all aspects of chapter life including campus activities, Sisterhood and social events. Through working with the Chapter Events Director, she ensures that all chapter social events comply with the university, Health and Safety policies, and FIPG guidelines. Additionally, she educates the chapter on risk management policies and best practices.

Jadyn Prinz

Finance and Operations Vice President

The Finance and Operations Vice President (FOVP) is responsible for the financial and operational affairs of the chapter. She must understand that financially the chapter operates as a small non-profit business. She oversees reimbursements and reviews all contracts. She will be the point person for all payment plans or issues concerning individual member’s accounts. She supervises members on Financial and Merit Probation. She also oversees member engagement through the merit system. The Finance and Operations Vice President places and monitors all members on financial and merit probation. She makes sure all officers are up to date on reporting and takes minutes during weekly Executive Committee meetings. She also maintains the permanent records of the chapter including chapter, Executive Team and team meeting minutes. The FOVP also supports chapter facility management for chapters with houses, rooms and suites and oversees the relationship with the National Housing Corporation Board through the completion of forms and communicating issues that arise. Reviews and prepares contracts for Chapter President’s signature.

Faith Snyder

Communications Vice President

The Communications Vice President (CVP) effectively implements the external relations program and supervises all officers on her team involved with internal and external chapter relations. The CVP conceptualizes and implements the chapter’s public relations and marketing plans. She assures that the chapter is producing communications collateral that is consistent with Alpha Xi Delta branding and represents the chapter in a positive light. She works with the Communications team on management of social media, merchandise, newsletters and more. She also oversees the chapter’s outreach efforts to the campus, parents and alumnae.

Elizabeth Myatt

Membership Vice President

The Membership Vice President (MVP) coordinates the chapter member recruitment program and the membership team. She understands the need to remain competitive in membership strategy and works with the membership team, local and national volunteers, Chapter Advisor and Membership Advisor on year-round initiatives to position the chapter for success in formal recruitment, informal recruitment and/or COB. While she oversees the Membership Evaluation Plan (MEP) in its entirety, she also delegates key duties to Directors on the membership team so that she is available to correspond with external clients such as Panhellenic and can focus on “big picture” initiatives including potential new member evaluation and strategy. She also provides the chapter with continuous training on recruitment practices throughout the year to prepare members and increase overall recruitment strength.

Cheyenne Paquette

Member Development Vice President

The Member Development Vice President (MDVP) inspires individual chapter members to learn and live the values of Alpha Xi Delta. The purpose of the member development program is to broaden the education of chapter members and foster individual development so that each member can attain her highest potential. The MDVP focuses on new member education, ritual appreciation, academics and the overall Member Development education plan. She uses a holistic approach to personal development while supporting Directors in program development.

Azaria Sanchez

Philanthropy Vice President

The Philanthropy Vice President (PVP) oversees all chapter sponsored campus and community events, both informational awareness and fundraising, for Alpha Xi Delta’s exclusive National Philanthropic Partner, Autism Speaks. The PVP works with the Philanthropy Team to educate, involve and encourage each Sister to give of herself in a way that would benefit the Fraternity and the community. The PVP leads her team and the chapter to meet the strategic and fundraising goals the chapter, Executive Team, and the National Fraternity has set to achieve. She understands the need to be strategic in the planning of such large-scale events and coordinates collaboration with the Communication Team on marketing efforts to reach high levels of awareness. She is also responsible for encouraging participation in additional campus and community sponsored service efforts and assists in supporting other fraternal groups’ efforts.

Alexandra Skoulikaris

Panhellenic Delegate

The Panhellenic Delegate serves as a representative of the chapter in the Campus Panhellenic community and exercises the chapter’s vote in all Panhellenic Council matters. She attends all Panhellenic meetings and keeps the Executive Committee and chapter members well informed on the happenings in the Panhellenic community. She encourages Panhellenic unity and cooperation through collaboration with other chapters.