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Letter From Membership Vice President

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential New Member,

The Omega Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta is overjoyed and thankful for the interest in our sisterhood you all have shown. As you embark on a new journey in college, we invite you to become a part of something bigger than yourself, and something that will forever hold a place in your heart. “Going Greek” is something that has been an amazing adventure for current sisters, alumni, and can be one for you too if you decide to set forth on this life-changing journey.

Alpha Xi Delta’s impact on Stetson’s campus is nothing but extraordinary. From winning Greek Week for the past four years in a row, to giving back to the community, we value the sisterhood bond that is achieved with such accomplishments. Our campus involvement ranges from NCAA Athletics, FOCUS Staff, SGA members, Honor Students and much more. Greek students campus wide are known for having the highest GPA’s, and although we value our academics, extracurricular activities and community service is something that is an important aspect to our sisterhood. Our activities range from in and out of the sisterhood, but with the connection we have, you will always have every sister standing behind you, and your passion.

Alpha Xi Delta is extremely involved in our National Philanthropy, Autism Speaks. We have raised $3.6 million dollars to spread Autism awareness and help families in need of assistance, and is now the official sponsor of Autism Speaks. Every year we participate in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks, and raise money throughout the year via various fundraisers. Our chapter hosts a Pizza Palooza event annually, and a Xi Man competition during our AmaXing Challenge week.

In terms of membership, Alpha Xi Delta is not your average sorority. We look for strong, dedicated, and courageous women. Alpha Xi Delta does not search for “perfect” individuals, but responsible, caring, women who hold themselves to a high standard. Becoming part of a sisterhood opens so many doors, and furthers your experience at Stetson University to the fullest extent. Whether you are just beginning your collegiate journey, or have been at a university for several years. Here in Alpha Xi Delta, we help our members realize their fullest potential, and we would be nothing but honored to do that for you as well. Our sisterhood provides support systems for one another, and an intangible feeling that lasts a lifetime. Something we strive for is becoming the best possible version of ourselves, and with the opportunities Alpha Xi Delta can give we truly believe everyone has the ability to make an incredible mark on the world.

I am currently the Membership Vice President for the Omega Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, and a junior at Stetson University. Going through recruitment was an experience filled with many emotions but I wouldn’t change that week for anything. Thinking about the day I opened my bid card and ran home into my new sisters arms is something that will forever bring tears to my eyes, and I will never be able to put into words how thankful I am for Alpha Xi Delta. Finding your home in an organization like this one, is finally finding yourself and everything you can become. Everyone deserves to find their way home- Go Greek! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at mbarnes1@stetson.edu or by phone, 602-463-2281. My sisters and I look forward to meeting you this fall!

Go Greek- Go Alpha Xi Delta!

Mikaela Barnes